Monday, September 3, 2007

distress ... unlimited.

On thursday night, while i was returning from work, my cell phone got snatched. I was three houses away, infront of my friend's house, when two "dudes" on a bike stopped the bike beside me. They had stalled the engine before coming to a stop, so i didn't even know some one stopped by, until they said something.

It was dark but not dark enough for me to not be able to see their faces. Oh I know their faces, I remember them. They were wearing dark clothes and both were dark coloured. the asked me for my cell phone three times. I tried to pretend that i wasn't getting them, which is true because i was being charmingly sarcastic with them. Though the charms didn't work and after the third time they flashed their "shiny metallic toy" and I gave it to them.

Its sad for me...the whole weekend i was sad and depressed. Sad because i have had that cell phone for about four and a half years and depressed due to the fact that my neighbourhood, my street, is not safe anymore. It kills me inside to think that i wasn't even able to protest and that filing a report wont do any good. The police are worst than the thieves and robbers (Story). I seriously hope that they eventually be corpulent asses so that they're not able to do normal things even.