Friday, April 27, 2007

loathsome "feature"

Today I'm not going to talk about anything related to something happening in my life. I'm going to talk about the use of a simple feature in every operating system. You all might be thinking that it is another geeky thing that you don't even have a remote idea of. Wrong! Its so simple and so frequently used that you might miss it even though its sitting right on your desktop. It is the "trash can" (the picture is just to take your attention away from the mistakes in my post - isn't the trash can beautiful?).

Why did I bring this up? For a number of reasons, but first I'm going to write down (no matter how routine and simple it may sound) the reason why its there. It provides a safe place for the files you've deleted which you might require again.

That being established, I can now state two reasons why I'm discussing it. First reason is that when you delete something you should never be asked if you want to delete or no. I mean what the heck! For those who'd like to defend this approach by saying "what if you delete something ... " I'd tell them to read the reason for the creation for trash can. Seriously, how many times do you delete something by mistake? And if you're a lousy person.

Second reason, the trash can should never be short of size. what does that mean? Trash can should be able to hold countless number of files/folders and of any size. For the people who know how file systems work, it is just a change of parent folder. It is as simple as that. Then why oh why "Winblows" (read: windows) repeatedly asks to permanently delete the files larger than the size of trash can?

I'm just too disappointed and have been let down by all the current operating systems.

Monday, April 23, 2007

procom is over

I'm glad procom is over...there were a few really bad incidents, but it ended...i guess we're not in a position to say it ended well. I delivered a presentation on my research and I've learnt a few things

1. When delivering a have to crack a few jokes, no matter how cheesy they are.
2. You have to stay lively and maintain a light mood.
3. You cannot impress everyone so pick out people who look interested.
4. Technical presentations are the most boring.
5. Always keep the Q/A session in the end, no matter if the end of the world is coming in the next five minutes

I wish I could have done a better job in procom and during the presentation...was representing FAST as a trend setter in it was big deal. sigh.

Friday, April 20, 2007


The owner of my project has asked me to prepare a presentation for the module that I'm developing. I'll be presenting it tomorrow in ProCom, and in front of like almost 200 people, quarter of which will be from the corporate sector.

For those of you who don't know or are forgetful or are too lazy to find out( B :s )...I'm doing a research in "self healing systems" which is a part of "autonomic computing", and its a Linux project.

Yes, I'm at the verge of converting into a complete Linux geek...which happened totally unwillingly (stop laughing nabeel...) and I'll soon be getting thick nerdy glasses too! Sigh.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


My first ever designed billboard is up! Its at three places in karachi;
1. Nazimabad KDA chowrangi
2. Sharah-e-Faisal Drigh RD.
3. Gizri Submarine chowk

High Res. design can be found at DA profile.

Today I found out that;
  • My USB HD got electrocuted so its a sad day for me. Will take one more day to get a replacement.
  • "Bohat ho gaya hai" is officially not funny anymore.
  • There are still a few karachiites who dont know about Reema and her long standing love of M C Donalds (no its not McDonalds....its M C Donalds.... :s ).
  • Teachers at our uni still have 6 year old laptops...which don't work at crunch time.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

brother o brother of mine

My bro left for Faisalabad today, so when he was leaving I handed him my broken USB HD, which will be collected at the train station by a person who works at our office and will take it to the shop that I ... err ... my bro bought it from and will probably bring it back tonight all fixed!

Feels good when your work is done for you. :D

Now i can utilize my time working on my project or read some crap that i didn't have to if i had chosen an easier project.

Hard drive

I have to go and get my USB hard drive fixed. I gave it to a friend and the next day when he hands it to me, it wasn't working. I'm worried a bit, though its still in the warranty but I don't know what happened to it...and did I mention it has over 80 GB of backup data!?

I'm trying to muster all strength, its around 35 C outside...and I...yes i don't want to go get myself half boiled in this scorching heat. I guess I'll wait another hour and then go.

Monday, April 16, 2007

weird passenger

I was so tired yesterday evening that I almost forgot the most interesting circumstance. When I got on the bus for university there was space for one more person to sit at the back seat of the bus. So I asked one of the persons to move and make room for me. To everyones surprise, the guy instead of moving got off the seat and sat on the floor.

I was like..."hmmm, either the seat is very uncomfortable or he is partially deaf" but he didn't fail to hear me, he just acted differently. Anyways, I said to him that I didn't ask him to get off the seat, I just asked him to move a bit and make room. He sat on the seat again...but he started saying to me, "No one gives their seat to elders these days, instead they ask for it".

By that time I was thinking what the hell is this guy's problem. Then i started ignoring him...and paid the bus fare. I was waiting for the conductor to return the change to me when the guy started asking for money!! and i was like "ooooh, so this is what he wants". Then he suddenly got off at the next stop, which thankfully happened very soon. He didn't look like a karachiite at all, was evident from his accent.


I'm so tired...I don't have any energy left to go home even...which reminds me that I have a 1 hour 20 minutes bus ride ahead of me to home andalso that I haven't had anything to eat since since morning. Sigh...why must it be this way.

The pic of the baby is so cute. I'm yawning exactly like him...only with a wider mouth. Still have one more 1 hour class to bear. Can't wait to go home and enjoy a hygienic home cooked meal. Courtesy of my mother.

Sunday, April 15, 2007


I, Fasih Ahmed, as of today declare this blog my official blog.....NOT!

Blogspot doesn't have an import option!? i mean ... no import option? I'm very disappointed to find this out.

The only reason i want to move to a new blog is that people who are not member of yahoo 360 cannot comment on my blog entries...and I'm sick of writing posts on which no one can comment. Since no one I know has a 360 account, there are almost no comments.

So as i see there are two options for me regarding the blog...
1. Start a new one...i mean this one.
2. Go back to the old yahoo 360 blogging life of loneliness...and be known as the lonesome blogger (which is not funny in anyway!)

Sigh ... I select option ... number .... umm ... hmm ... ONE!

by the way me old blog is here.