Friday, August 17, 2007

Management 101

Today, as I was waiting for the van to pick me up from the stop, I happened to notice a one-of-its-kind situation. No wait I'm wasn't one-of-the-kind situation, it happens everywhere...especially in Pakiland. The bus stop is infront of a small hospital and theres a small garden infront of the hospital. In the garden there were four people standing around an electronic lawn mower.

For two to three minutes the group exchanged some dialogue which i was unable to hear due to the sound of (horridly bad) traffic. After that, one started the mower and started mowing the grass. The rest took a corner and watched the operator. They would sometimes tell him something and he'd operate it in a different way.

After six or so minutes I realized what the situation was. The three were managers of the guy operating the mower. A typical Pakistani style of management. The guy was so confused he wasn't looking at the ground, instead he kept looking at his three managers. Seeing this made me giggle because it reminded me of where I was going. Yeap, to work with more or less the same situation.

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