Saturday, October 13, 2007

Message from the Unofficial President

Thank you for your support and heartfelt congratulations...but it wasn't really necessary...i had the situation under control (by paying really irrelevant people to show their faces on television in my support)...we've done the economy great and there are more banks than there is money in citizen's pocket...we have alleviated poverty through inflation and ... well basically we just started killing the poor so that there will be no poverty. People who have doubts should always remember Red Mosque, the karachi bridge collapse, 8th october 2005 earthquake (yeap they're still under development and will always remain that way).

We've privatized almost every thing (if it wasn't for the %^#^-ass chief justice we'd have sold the steel mill). We've also been successful in establishing rule of virtue of which the lawless are the lawful (don't argue or we'll render you a terrorist). Thanks to the lawyers and judges are a political party too, which proves our very (non-existent) democratic policies.

We (the army) is pleased to announce totalitarian control over civillians and you can do nothing about it. Thank you for listening (...even though it was your obligation).

Note: I wrote it in a reply to the on going debate "Mushy for president or no?" ... thought was worthy of being saved.

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Syed Tayyab Ali said...

if we all change by ourselves, then we can get ride from this dictatorship.