Thursday, December 13, 2007

President Evil - Prevalence

I hear rumors of Paul W.S. Anderson writing another sequel to Resident Evil. After the hit "Resident Evil - Extinction" in which Alice (Milla Jovovich) finds her clones he had an epiphany and thought of a great twist and duly end to the relentless plot. Only this time, he turns to the real world for characters.

The sequel will have Genny Mush as the new chick and Dubya Bush as the new guy who gets bitten, gets infected with AIDS (play safe, as they say it) and dies of prostate cancer. Condi is the new black chick who gets sacrificed along with her lover, Dick ... Cheney. They kicked Ali Larter and picked up BB for the role of Claire who leads the group to Alaska, which by the way doesn't survive (bad leader, bad!). Heres another twist to the twisted story, Dr. Isaacs, who got killed by his own invention (the blue laser grid), comes back. Rumsfeld is the reincarnation of Dr. Isaacs ... how cool is that? (not very).

The story is set in the real world and events occur in real time (man I love that line from the show "24"). The world worries about larger things at stake while Bush takes his country to war with every country thats rich in petroleum resources, his longtime girlfriend and a heart throb(in the evil world) Genny Mush provides him support by genocide of his own countrymen (he is not a traitor...damn you if you think like it ... NOT!). Together they kill all Alices who stand in their way of turning the world into a HUGE water park (inspired from the show "Lil' Bush", Episode #4: Global Warming).

All in all its a sequel set to be the one you never want to see.


Binish said...

lol...when's the premiere, i cant wait to see this one :P
cant imagine how genny wud look in tarty clothes..hehe

Favviii said...

nicee man real nice...although i do have some suggestions about the actors...will make them later on :P