Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Mourners cause mourning

Yetsernight, my brother in law visited us and we sat down at dinner and discussed a lot of what has happened in the last seven days. We got to talk about the very tragedies and destruction told first hand by friends.

The first event he told us happened to one of his very close friends. One of his four year old son was very sick on 27th December, 2007, the day of the assassination of Benazir Bhutto. The news had already spread and he was worrying about his kid. Not knowing what to do, he got his bike out and took his son with him in search of a safe way to the hospital. He literally dodged bullets and some how reached the hospital. When he stopped the bike, his clothes were stained with blood and he started to panic if he was hit. Upon inspection he did not find any wounds on him and neither did he feel any pain or stings.

What he found out was far more worrying and tragic than he had expected. His four year old son, had been shot in the neck and blood was gushing out of the wound. He was paralyzed for a moment but then he realized that his son wasn't crying or not even responding. He was already at the hospital, so he took him to the emergency. He was pronounced dead shortly after that.

How many more lives will be taken befoe this blood feud will end? I just hope and pray, none.


Sameem Hussain said...

as inspiring n mourning as the reality

Syed Tayyab Ali said...

what was the sin of this child?