Wednesday, April 18, 2007


My first ever designed billboard is up! Its at three places in karachi;
1. Nazimabad KDA chowrangi
2. Sharah-e-Faisal Drigh RD.
3. Gizri Submarine chowk

High Res. design can be found at DA profile.

Today I found out that;
  • My USB HD got electrocuted so its a sad day for me. Will take one more day to get a replacement.
  • "Bohat ho gaya hai" is officially not funny anymore.
  • There are still a few karachiites who dont know about Reema and her long standing love of M C Donalds (no its not McDonalds....its M C Donalds.... :s ).
  • Teachers at our uni still have 6 year old laptops...which don't work at crunch time.


Fizza said...

hmm.. so the billboard is really looking damn cooolll..
wish i could have done the same..not eactly same but similar atleast :(
GOD help me !!
Goody work btw yeah the teacher's laptops sucksssss :D

hehehe yeah M C doanld ka plan banaye na :D:D hahha

KJ said...

ok a massive hand for the DM (dishco molla) on the procom advertisement designs.... as a perfectionist in designing i must say pretty impressive!!! up to the mark...and alot can be said about the teacher's at FAST and the level of tecnology they r aware of..i mean...commooonnn....eheheh..

Nabeel Ahsan said...

Good on you mate! keep em coming maybe you might work as a professional billboard designer one day.

humXa said...

chikna aur thandaa
buhat anth ahi