Monday, April 16, 2007

weird passenger

I was so tired yesterday evening that I almost forgot the most interesting circumstance. When I got on the bus for university there was space for one more person to sit at the back seat of the bus. So I asked one of the persons to move and make room for me. To everyones surprise, the guy instead of moving got off the seat and sat on the floor.

I was like..."hmmm, either the seat is very uncomfortable or he is partially deaf" but he didn't fail to hear me, he just acted differently. Anyways, I said to him that I didn't ask him to get off the seat, I just asked him to move a bit and make room. He sat on the seat again...but he started saying to me, "No one gives their seat to elders these days, instead they ask for it".

By that time I was thinking what the hell is this guy's problem. Then i started ignoring him...and paid the bus fare. I was waiting for the conductor to return the change to me when the guy started asking for money!! and i was like "ooooh, so this is what he wants". Then he suddenly got off at the next stop, which thankfully happened very soon. He didn't look like a karachiite at all, was evident from his accent.

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Nabeel Ahsan said...

Ahhh those bus experiences, met some very interesting characters on the way. Some claiming to be relative of not so famous celebrities, then some claiming the end of world is near but most i just try sleeping during the ride. You should try doing that but be careful not to miss your stop or loose your belongings. I swear it never happened to me more than once