Monday, April 16, 2007


I'm so tired...I don't have any energy left to go home even...which reminds me that I have a 1 hour 20 minutes bus ride ahead of me to home andalso that I haven't had anything to eat since since morning. Sigh...why must it be this way.

The pic of the baby is so cute. I'm yawning exactly like him...only with a wider mouth. Still have one more 1 hour class to bear. Can't wait to go home and enjoy a hygienic home cooked meal. Courtesy of my mother.

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Nabeel Ahsan said...

You think your life sucks, try staying up for 40 hours straight and that too working. And i mean literally sitting on the seat with your laptop on YOUR LAP. Warming up the wrong place with Bank's director eying on you like a hawk for a pray! With hundreds of customer's balances on the wrath of incorrectly being debited. And you would give anything to lie down because your back has become solid as a rock and most of your body parts have become numb. And being over caffeinated and cranky and the next morning you wake up with an upset stomach .. .I think you get the picture, worst is yet to come boy!