Sunday, April 15, 2007


I, Fasih Ahmed, as of today declare this blog my official blog.....NOT!

Blogspot doesn't have an import option!? i mean ... no import option? I'm very disappointed to find this out.

The only reason i want to move to a new blog is that people who are not member of yahoo 360 cannot comment on my blog entries...and I'm sick of writing posts on which no one can comment. Since no one I know has a 360 account, there are almost no comments.

So as i see there are two options for me regarding the blog...
1. Start a new one...i mean this one.
2. Go back to the old yahoo 360 blogging life of loneliness...and be known as the lonesome blogger (which is not funny in anyway!)

Sigh ... I select option ... number .... umm ... hmm ... ONE!

by the way me old blog is here.

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